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Support your body and have plenty of energy even when the temperature fluctuates!

Regardless of the differences in temperature or the physical exertion we go through in summer, our body is always able to adapt – to evaluate any changes and react quickly. But this often comes with risks. With all the biological changes the human body has to cope with, you may feel more fatigue, sudden headaches and the need to slow down, especially in summer. You can read about how to have enough energy even with the temperature and physical stress below…

How to take care of your body in high summer temperatures?


Observe the drinking regime:  

Enough fluids in the human body helps not only in the absorption of nutrients from the food we eat, but also in the removal of waste substances from the body. Adequate hydration is therefore absolutely crucial! To give you an idea – the brain and the heart are about 70% made up of water. So how much fluid is just right? An adult male needs about 2.5 litres of water per day and an adult female about 2 litres. 

Supplement with minerals: 

With more exercise, important minerals that are found in our blood, sweat and urine, as well as inside our cells, are lost with the water. In particular, potassium, sodium, calcium and magnesium. These minerals not only affect heart health, bone strength, brain and nervous system function, but also the appearance and volume of muscle mass due to water retention. 

Ensure quality recovery

Remember that after any exertion, it is good to regenerate your whole body – physically and mentally. It’s not only the specific muscles that need time to recover, but also the rest of the body. 

Rest is also important for the body’s nervous system; it is said that the body first lifts weight through the nervous system, then the mind and finally the muscles. So don’t ignore mental fatigue, even if your body feels good at first. 

Indulge in quality, tailor-made regeneration at Mystic Temple

Our salon is staffed by experienced and very talented masseuses who truly understand what the human body needs for proper care and regeneration. Want to relax your muscles after a hard day? Switch off your head for a while and just relax? Do you have health limitations?


Just call or write us and together we will arrange a specific treatment that will fit your needs. So that you always feel comfortable and satisfied with us. 


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