This detoxification massage combines the positive effects of honey with a compression massaging technique, leading to the removal of sediments and toxins from deep within the body tissue.

Honey Detoxification massage:

60 min – price: 1 390 CZK

Lymphatic drainage is an excellent regeneration technique that utilises set contact points to encourage and stimulate lymphatic drainage. This will divert all pollutants and waste substances that arise during metabolism.

Lymphatic massage:

60 min – price: 1 390 CZK

90 min – price: 1 690 CZK

120 min – price: 1890 CZK

Seaweed is a source of mineral salts and vitamins and thus help to find a balance in the organism, improve metabolism, blood circulation, eliminate toxic substances and stimulate the immune system.

Detoxifying wrap – problematic areas:

90 min – price: 1 790 CZK

Detoxifying wrap – whole body:

120 min – price: 2 090 CZK