IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE – Intense Hydrating Facial

Moisturizes, as it restores vital water balance, slows moisture loss and increases natural resilience. The skin is nourished, feels replenished and appears dewy-fresh, its radiance renewed.

60 min – price: 1 390 CZK

90 min – price: 1 890 CZK

ABSOLUT PURNESS – Sublime Mattifying Facial

Mattifies shine and corrects imperfection-prone complexions. Detoxifies skin and regulates sebum production, refines pores, and refreshes the complexion, leaving it naturally beautiful and radiant.

60 min – price: 1 390 CZK

90 min – price: 1 890 CZK

EXQUISITE AT ANY AGE – Indulgent Renewing Facial

A complete treatment to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, smooth and refine skin texture and restore luminosity to reveal the skin at its radiant best.

60 min – price: 1 390 CZK

90 min – price: 1 890 CZK

SENSITIVE TO SUBLIME – Serene Soothing Facial

Specially created for sensitive skin. Instantly alleviates redness and discomfort, evens out the skin and leaves it serene, calm and lastingly protected.

60 min – price: 1 390 CZK

90 min – price: 1 890 CZK

PERFECTLY RADIANT – Harmonizing Brightening Facial

Sweeps away dullness while minimizing dark spots and helping to prevent hyperpigmentation. Revitalizes the complexion and restores the skin’s natural radiance.

60 min – price: 1 490 CZK

90 min – price: 2 390 CZK

ULTIMATE UPLIFT – Antiageing Treatment

Visibly plumps wrinkles, restoring skin’s density and texture. Leaves the complexion looking smoother, contoured and radiant.

60 min – price: 1 790 CZK

90 min – price: 2 690 CZK

Hydraskin Moisturizing Care

Warm peeling opens the pores and helps the deeper effect of other active substances. Massage smoothes, stretches and regenerates the skin. Suitable for all skin types.

30 min – price: 790 CZK

Karité Honey Firming Care

Massage with Jasmine oil revitalizes the skin and smoothes fine lines. Maximum comfort and fantastic effect ensure mask – cream wax, enriched with shea butter and honey intensively nourishes, protects, softens the skin and helps maintain flexibility and elasticity of the skin. Suitable for all skin types, ideal for dry and mature skin.

45 min – price: 990 CZK

Skin Mat Deep Clean Care

Natural peeling, energizing blend of cereals and vitamins clean deeply the décolleté. Aromatic oils smoothes the skin, nourishes and brightens beautifully. Cleaning mask refreshes the skin of décolleté and serum equalizes it and turns it matt. Suitable for normal, combination, oily skin prone to excessive sweating.

30 min – price: 790 CZK

Cleansing back massage

Deep cleansing treatment.

30 min – price: 650 CZK

THALGO – skin treatments

Aqua Sky

Prevents skin dehydration, makes the skin feel silky. Includes make-up removal, peeling, sea spray, raspberry extract, massage, moisturizing mask, moisturizing serum, sea nectar and a day cream.

75 min – price: 1 890 CZK


For very problematic and oily skin. Clients are advised to undergo the whole set of treatments to get rid of minor skin inflammations and imperfections. Includes make-up removal, peeling, skin cleansing, sea spray, massage, the Thalgodermyl extract with essential oils, plastic mask, the moisturizing mattifying emulsion.

75 min – price: 1 890 CZK

O2 Marine

Rejuvenates pale and stressed skin suffering from the environmental pollution in big cities. Outstanding skin brightening effect. Includes make-up removal, peeling, sea spray, O2 marine extract, the mask using cushions, the oxidizing serum with in-depth regenerating action, the O2 oxygen cream, massage.

75 min – price: 1 890 CZK


Suitable for mature skin. This treatment makes the skin firmer and reduces wrinkles. Includes make-up removal, peeling, sea spray, the elastin extract, the firming serum-containing apricot oil and proteins, mask using cushions, massage using brushes, the firming cream containing sea nectar to enhance facial contours.

75 min – price: 1 890 CZK

THALGO – Slim & Sculpt

Slim & Sculpt slimming and firming cure

Slim & Sculpt is ideal for clients who seek treatment for total fat cushions, rounded shapes, cellulite and sagging skin. This treatment helps slimming, firming and shaping and forming silhouettes. Especially suitable after diet, pregnancy or excessive sun exposure.

Before the start of the treatments Slim & Sculpt we recommend complete Thalgo Detoxifying Wrap that is appropriate before any slimming treatment.

To maximize the effectiveness of treatments Slim & Sculpt, we recommend 12 treatments, 2-3x a week and then once a month.

120 min – price: 2 350 CZK