Abhyanga – oil massage

This massage improves the functioning of the locomotive system, lymphatic system, helps to remove pollutants from the body, improves immunity and slows down ageing. It also moisturizes skin, encourages sleep and strengthens vision and muscles. Ayurvedic massage is a very intensive experience for your body and senses!


60 min – price: 1 690 CZK

Shirodhara – third eye massage

A thin stream of a warm remedial oil runs onto a forehead from a jar above your head and continues along the vertex down to the shoulders. After 20 minutes, a head massage follows. Very effective when suffering from sleeping problems, headaches, tiredness or nervous system disorders.


60 min – price: 2050 CZK

Thaila Vimardana – body massage

This massage is a full-body procedure out of which half an hour is devoted only to the head. It is a traditional massage that became popular as a mean of complex regeneration. Natural oil along with sophisticated procedures stimulate metabolism and help to restore both physical and mental strength.

Thaila Vimardana:

90 min – price: 2 250 CZK

Pada Abhyanga – foot massage

A special oil massage of feet, legs and knees focusing on reflex points. Very efficient therapy that helps to maintain or restore proper functioning of all parts of your body including internal organs. This method is sometimes also called a zone therapy as specific points on your feet are massaged and compressed.

Pada Abhyanga:

30 min – price: 850 CZK

Kati Abhyanga – back massage

Oil massage of the back, shoulders and neck. Great choice for those who spend a lot of time at the office and need to relieve muscles from stiffness and pain. As the back gets warmed, the oil soothes it, reduces muscle pain, helps to heal bruises, relaxes stiff muscles and removes nerve tensions.

Kati Abhyanga:

30 min – price: 850 CZK